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1Landing uses Google Cloud technology: Auto Scaling, Cloud CDN giving the system the best stability, instant experience, serving your customers on a global scale

Easy to use in just 20 minutes

Anyone can easily create beautiful Landing Pages quickly, with no programming required. Easy to drag and drop, using sample interface warehouse, image warehouse is optimized for many industries.

1000+ landing template, section, popup, plugins

32+ many categories to select and optimize

2,000,000+ image, icon

Detailed user guide for each design and implementation step

A team of experts, technicians, and free 24/7 support staff

Easily measure efficiency

With a team of more than 10 years of industry experience. 1Landing is always updating with new technology and implementing the easiest one for you to use


1 Click Setup Conversion Measurement code

1Landing automatically measures and sends data about Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads,... making it easy to optimize your advertising campaign.

The app store is open to all your ideas

Easily install all your apps on 1Landing: LiveChat, Popup, Facebook Comment, Google Map, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads, Notify, Countdown,...

Flexible cross-platform data connectivity

With just a simple operation, you can connect data about multiple channels: Gmail, Google Sheet, CRM, API, MailChimp, GetResponse,... More specifically, 1Landing commits not to save customer information, the data will secured and sent directly to the profile of your choice.

Flexible deployment on your website

You can easily link your Landing Page with many different platforms for maximum effectiveness for your marketing campaigns.